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Play every week to be in with a chance to win fantastic cash prizes and, at the same time, you’ll be helping us to raise essential funds to support our work. The more people who play, the more money we receive to help us deliver our projects to the young and old in marginalised areas, so we need your support. For every £1 entry, at least 50p comes directly to us as profit meaning we can continue to offer free football sessions for people who don’t get the same opportunities as others.

How it works

The draw takes place every Friday and each entry costs just £1. When you join our lottery you’re allocated your own 6-digit Unity lottery number. A random winning number is drawn – the aim is to match the winning number.

If you match:

  • 6 digits you’ll win £25,000
  • 5 digits you’ll win £1,000
  • 4 digits you’ll win £25
  • 3 digits you’ll win 5 entries into the next draw.

A match occurs if your digits are in the same place in the sequence as they are in the winning number.

  • 3 digit match = 1 in 69
  • 4 digit match = 1 in 823
  • 5 digit match = 1 in 18,518
  • 6 digit match = 1 in 1,000,000

All players have a 1 in 63 chance of winning ANY prize!


325764 – random winning number

326574 – your lottery number

(This is a 3-number match, winning 5 entries into the next draw)

All winners are notified by post; cash prizes are posted by cheque and prize entries entered automatically into the next draw, so you can’t miss out!

How to join

Step one

Complete your personal details so that we can contact you when you win

Step two

Choose your number of lottery entries and how often you wish to play.

Step three

Complete the Direct Debit instruction.

At least 50 from every £1 comes directly to us as profit!

Play Now!

Entrants must be 16 or over to enter.

Registered with: Brighton & Hove City Council

Lottery licence number: 2021/03747/LOTTN

The promoter of this Unity Lottery is VYD CIC, c/o West & Berry, Mocatta House, Brighton. VYD CIC is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by Brighton & Hove City Council under account number 2021/03747/LOTTN.

A minimum of 50% of the total lottery proceeds go to supporting the work carried out by VYD CIC, 18.4% on prizes and 31.6% on expenses and administration of the lottery.

Unity is a common brand lottery jointly promoted by Sterling Management Centre Limited and individual society lotteries. Each Lottery operated under Unity is a separate licensed lottery, operated by and supporting that particular good cause. Unity is administered by Sterling Management Centre Limited, licensed and regulated in Great Britain by The Gambling Commission under account number 3137.