Financial support

Funder-mental to VYD

Finance and football don’t always mix well, but VYD is different. VYD is not – as yet – self-funding. We seek partners in the corporate, education, charity  sectors who share our vision of a better future through football.

There is no typical profile for a VYD partner or supporter, but not everyone gets selected for the first team. We only work with supporters with the right stuff: those with a local footprint and the desire to invest in the least visible, but potentially most valuable members of their community.

Join our supporters’ club!

  • Because you care.
  • Because you see those who society prefers to ignore.
  • Because you understand football makes connections other structures cannot.
  • Because you love the game, have a social conscience, and …
  • Because you see how VYD join the dots to create a bigger picture.

VYD is what happens when corporate social responsibility (CSR) meets reality in enabling local communities to thrive.

We do that by improving the wellbeing, mental health, and social skills of those marginalised by attitudes or government policy. It’s your opportunity to associate your brand with a genuine feel-good story with an edge.

You will be partnering with people who seek out communities-within-communities who live below society’s sight lines.  It’s not glamorous – it’s called grassroots football for a reason. But it works, and the roll out continues.

When you choose to partner with, support or donate to us, you’re helping a youth player from a family who can’t afford to buy new boots or join a local youth team; you’re helping a young Afghan or Ukrainian refugee fleeing the regime there to have a regular activity and to socially integrate with their local community; you’re helping an older person to get active in a sport they thought had long passed them by; you’re levelling the playing field for girls and women, for LGBTQ+ and disabled people to partake on an equal level to everyone else. You’re, basically, helping to level up the football pitch for all.

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