We combine the love of football with social impact programmes to change peoples’ lives.

VYD was set up in 2019 by Gary Pleece as a social impact Community Interest Company that delivers projects that positively influence lives in communities across the UK. Gary shares a common belief – that the beautiful game of football they love, has the power to positively influence lives. VYD creates and delivers educational and social impact programmes that improve the lives of people in our community, using the common language and power of football.

  • Every town and city in the UK has social problems and issues that place a heavy and often chronic burden on individuals and communities.

    We use the huge popularity and social benefits of playing football to make a positive impact on four issues that we care deeply about:

    • Mental health: 1 in 4 people in the UK affected (source: MHFA)
    • Nutritional health: only 18% of children getting daily recommended nutrition (source: NHS)
    • Unemployment: 1.3m people currently unemployed (source: ONS)
    • Social confidence: 61% of young adults lack self-esteem (source: GFK)

    Read about our four football programmes that bring change to people affected by these issues here.

    Gary is a marketing and community football specialist, with a passion for equality, social justice and helping others to realise their potential, no matter their background.

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Hawks Heroes

The Crew Club’s Hawks Heroes programme was a 10-week community-based grassroots project that aimed to get men living in Whitehawk, one of the most socially and economically challenging neighbourhoods in England, back into football…

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