Away From Home

Refugee football

VYD has been running football sessions for asylum seekers and refugees from around the world since 2019. We provide a safe, inclusive, and fun space for young and old to play, interact and integrate into English society. This space is their time to revisit their favourite sport, meet new people and feel welcomed and at home, Away From Home…

Coach speaking to players in yellow shirts

What’s involved

We hold regular football-only sessions as well as ESOL and football combined. Our ESOL and football sessions consist of learning basic level 1 in ESOL and football sessions at BHASVIC, a college of sanctuary in Brighton.


Who’s it for?

We work with asylum seekers and refugees from a range of countries, all fleeing awful situations including war and persecution. Some are staying in temporary accommodation and are waiting to be housed, some are already living in safe places. Our sessions provide relief from their trauma, as well as a connection through social integration. We work with a variety of refugee services to build a safe and inclusive space to play and talk football.


Social integration, better mental and physical health, learning English through football.